Your project, in 6 simple steps

1. Introduction Meeting

It is very important that we get to know your company, project, goals, and objectives. During the Introduction Meeting we will have an open brainstorming session to focus in on what you have today and what needs to be done. We will review your budget, your timelines, discuss the look and feel you desire, the current content offered, and work to build a project outline. The initial meeting takes about 30 to 60 minutes and is conducted via the phone. There is no cost for this meeting.

2. Engagement Process

Once you decide to engage with BayAppStudios, we will send you an engagement package that will have our consulting agreement and a copy of our project outline. At this time a detailed outline of what we require from you to get the project done will be discussed.

3. We Give You a Proposal

This is a very important part of the process. You will find, generally, most application development consultants and designers out there do just as you ask. That is NOT the case with BayAppStudios, we are experienced professionals here to advise you on what the best steps are for you and your company to take when pursuing an App development project. We ask and find answers to questions such as, should you develop your own apps or should you implement existing ones? Should you use existing content, or should you make all new content? If you are making a single production is this production made already? Are there any legal issues? There are many questions to consider before undertaking an App development project, and BayAppStudios will assist in guiding you before any development ideas are acted on. Our seasoned team has been consulting large and small businesses on technology issues for over 15 years, so we are skilled at listening and interpreting your needs and ideas. Our team is extremely creative, and will bring to you new ideas on how to best leverage emerging technology.

4. The Development Process

Based on our talks and research, BayAppStudios begins the development process with clear timelines and fixed budgets. We only operate in fixed budgets so you know what you are expected to pay and you know what product you will be getting in the end. Our large team of developers gives us the scale to handle multiple dedicated projects at once, therefore, we have the ability to keep up with the speed of the toughest demand and complete your project in a timely manner. As with any project the more information you provide us, the better we do. We prefer to use E-mail forms for documenting your requests for reference throughout the project lifecycle.

5. Review & Testing

As development continues you will receive constant communication on your project’s progress via e-mail and verbal reports. With quick response you can count on daily progress and improvements for you to view. We will set up a timeline as to how often you want to meet and review the work. Based on our experience, most projects advance each day. Testing will be done both on our side, and your side. We will insure that all application and database work is performing as designed before posting the App live for your review and approval.

6. Apple App Store Posting & Google Play Android App Distribution

At BayAppStudios we cover all aspects of development so you can expect that you will get full support throughout the Apple App Store posting and development process (as well as all other platforms we support). We will take your application from research to live project and more.


Updates, Hosting, and Follow Up

BayAppStudios is a full service application development company so you can count on us being there for all your needs well after your first project is done. We are available for updates, additional projects, and any other issues you are looking to tackle. We provide a 12/7 contact line and ongoing support for all our work. We are here as a relationship in technology development, not just a mobile moment in time.

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