Mobile Websites (HTML 5)

Looking for Bay area web design and development? See us for a SEO friendly mobile site. We can build both standard websites and e-commerce sites, specializing in mobile app website designs for Apple and Android devices for Bay area businesses.

Reaching your customers has never been easier, thanks to mobile marketing!

With 4.1 billion mobile phones worldwide, being kept within arm's reach, what better way to get business messages out to your existing clients and potentials customers than with our mobile app website designs?

Every day your customers are running their life by their mobile phones. Calling, texting, emailing and now more increasingly, searching for local companies and shopping for products and services. We specialize in Bay area web design and development for local businesses.

Mobile users are savvy shoppers, 95% of users search for local information with 88% of those searches resulting in action being taken the same day. Are you missing your share?

The mobile app website designs that we develop provide exceptional browsing experience to the users requiring least typing and scrolling to avoid any errors. We make mobile websites with suitable graphics that take a minimum of uploading time, thus saving users from waiting. We will also build you a SEO friendly mobile site for better visibility and promotion.

Your best customers are mobile.

Powerful facts on smart phone users :

79% use smartphone to help with shopping
74% make a purchase based on a smart phone search
70% use smart phones while in a store
49% compare prices
44 % read reviews and product info
35% make purchases on their smart phone
34% search for store inventory

Why go mobile?

By 2013, Google estimates that smartphone users will out number desktop/laptop users for online searches and browsing

If you don't have a mobile friendly website, the majority of web visitors will be gone in 4 seconds! If your customers can't view your website on their smartphone as it should be seen, without having to scroll and zoom, they will move on to the next site.

As a business owner, your job is to let your business in front of those smart phone users, so they buy your product, and not your competitors'.

Need a sales boost?

If you are looking for a cash flow boost for your business, a mobile website combined with a SMS marketing package will generate interest and engage your customers, so they can come back to your business faster.

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Get mobile with BayAppStudios, call us today on ((415)) 745-8150 and find out how you can generate more business leveraging the power of Mobile Marketing.