• - iPhone, iPad, Android apps and HTML 5 mobile websites.
    - Increase your revenues by leveraging on new mobile technologies.
    - Tons of powerful customizations tools, available for your industry.
    - Your app updated on the Apple iTunes & Android Google Play
    app stores.
    - A team of highly skilled professionals 100% focused on your project.
  • - Built-in online reservation system.
    - Showcase your services in an elegant and professional fashion.
    - Engage with your clients through Social Media integration,
    and get your business viral.
    - Promote your offers and send push notifications directly to your clients’ phones.
    - Provide your customers with a built-in Loyalty Card and see your revenues soar.
  • - Capture your client’s attention with push notifications.
    - THE MOBILE COUPON. One of the first and still the most consistent successes in mobile business.
    - Your App on the App Store: Exposure to a new and substantial market of educated & affluent first adopters.
    - Your top Social Network in one convenient location!
    - Get your business viral and with the engaging Social Media integration feature!
  • - Offer your patrons your own loyalty program integrated into your app.
    - Mobile food ordering system integrated for an intuitive experience.
    - Menu Conversion feature allows for easy to navigate optimized mobile
    menus & specials.
    - Message your customers on the go, with push notifications.
    - GPS Coupon feature creates mobile coupons for clients to unlock
    by "checking-in" at your business.
    - OpenTable integration allows your mobile app to be used for on the go
    restaurant reservations.
  • - Include a choice of complete work out guides.
    - Provide a notepad within the app, for members to record their progress.
    - Display your full fitness class schedule and easily get it updated.
    - Send push notifications messages to your customers at targeted times.
    - Blog integration has your RSS feeds built-in, allowing
    users to quickly and easily read your blog posts.
  • - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Myspace integration to connect with
    your customers through their favorite social media sites.
    - Provide up to date information about all of your business events & specials,
    as well as an event calendar, etc...
    - Send targeted push messages directly to your client's phone.
    - QR Coupons feature allows customers to redeem coupons at your business
    by scanning a specified QR code.
  • - Display your rental & for sale property listings.
    - Integrate a buying & selling consultation form.
    - Allow clients to view nearby schools & any points of interest on a map.
    - Mortgage calculator allows for speedy payment projections.
    - Send push notifications directly to your clients.
  • - Create a legal consultation form for your clients.
    - Market to potential clients in the Apple iTunes & Android Google Play app stores.
    - One-Touch-Calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember.
    - Tell-A-Friend feature lets your customers take your business viral with built in
    sharing capabilities over Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.
    - Blog integration integrates your RSS feed to allow your users to quickly
    and easily read your blog posts.
  • - Stream your music, videos & podcasts, and sell your songs through Apple iTunes.
    - Display your event schedules, and more!...
    - Connect with your audience through social media, such as Facebook,
    YouTube & Twitter.
    - Send push notifications directly to your fans' phones.
    - SoundCloud integration allows users to listen to any audio file online,
    on their mobile device.
  • - One-touch easy donation integration with PayPal.
    - Offer members access to a prayer request form.
    - Blog integration allows your RSS feed to be quickly and easily read from
    your app.
    - Keep your members updated through push notifications.
    - Tell-A-Friend feature lets your members take your place of worship viral
    with built in sharing capabilities over email, SMS, Facebook, etc...
  • - Integrate your Loyalty Program into your app.
    - Food ordering feature lets your clients place orders on the go, anytime, anywhere.
    - Send push notifications messages at targeted times, and see your sales increase.
    - Create mobile coupons for your customers to unlock by "checking in" at your business.
    - Have your store locations displayed on a map, with GPS directions for added convenience.
    - Display your latest weekly events for easy reference to your patrons.